What is one of my favorite things about living on a farm?

Being able to walk outside and pick a handful of beans for a snack.

Or enjoying a walk around the field, deciding what fresh vegetables sound good for dinner.

You can do this too! 

You don’t need to live on a farm, or even plant a huge garden.  Have just have a few pots on the patio or on your deck.

There is something so satisfying about watching your food grow.  Waiting for just the right day to pick that perfect tomato or pepper.

We are here to help you get your garden off to a great start!  We have a huge variety of baby plants now available at the farm store.  If you want to plant a big garden, or just have a few pots on your deck we have you covered.

The Market at the Farm is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm & Saturday, 8am – 5pm.  Stop by and see what we have available.

Have a great week!


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