Sounds too good to be true right?!

I thought so to when I first read it.

Microgreens have 4 – 40 times more nutrients by weight than their fully-grown counterparts. (Source: NCBI)

How cool is that!

These mini greens pack in a full punch when it comes to flavor and nutrition.

Microgreens taste just like the flavor of the matured crop.  Beet micros taste like a beet.  The broccoli that is included in our mild mix, tastes like broccoli and so on.   We grow several varieties. (Our confetti mix is my favorite, it’s like a party on your plate!)

Treat microgreens just like your lettuce.  Wash and dry with a salad spinner.  Store in your fridge.

Enjoy them as a garnish, as a tasty addition to sandwiches or as a salad.

Stop by the farm this week or the farmers markets this weekend to pick some up and give them a try!

See you soon,


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