What a beautiful fall we have been enjoying! I love to see the trees starting to turn.  These cool mornings and warm days have been so nice.

It has been a bit deceiving, hasn’t it?!  It does not seem like the first of October.  It feels like we have a long time before winter will arrive, but it will be here soon!

Every extra moment has been spent harvesting here at the farm.  It is time to get the pumpkins and fall squash picked up and the root crops harvested.

Potatoes have been a big focus the last few weeks and we are hoping to get them finished up this week.  Here is a video I posted last week of harvesting potatoes.  We are so thankful for this harvester!  It is much faster and much more efficient than picking them up by hand.

All of the potatoes are now available at the farm store and at the markets.  We grow red skin, russet, yukon gold, white, blue and butterball.

What kind of potato is your favorite?

PS – Want to make sure you get all of the fresh produce this winter?  Join our winter CSA produce box program!  Find out all of the details HERE.

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