Weekly Spring Produce Boxes

A weekly box of local produce that will help your family eat healthy food.
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A weekly box of healthy and local produce that will bring the farm to your table.

Are you concerned about what are you are feeding your family?

Do feel like you need to feed your family more healthy, local food?

Do you want to know where your food is coming from?

Our weekly produce box is for you.

We will provide you with good healthy food that you feel good about feeding to your family.

Find out what a carrot is suppose to taste like (Hint: it’s not the watery baby carrots you get in the store.) Enjoy tasty greens and delicious asparagus.  Learn what real food tastes like.

Try new recipes and new types of food.

You won’t have to worry about all of the food recalls because you know where your food is coming from.  Plus you support a local family farm!

How the weekly box works:

Step 1:

Sign up for your weekly basket. Follow the farm on facebook or instagram to watch your produce grow!



Step 2:

The first pick up is the week of April 15.  Stop by your designated pick up location to pick up your produce.

Step 3:

Take your produce home & enjoy!  Watch your email for the weekly newsletter and join the CSA facebook group for more details on what is included in your box.

Pick up locations:

  • Farm:  5888 120th Ave, Holland, 49424. Wednesday | 10am – 6pm. *Please bring bags along to put your produce in.
  • Gentex:  At the Wellness Center.  Wednesday | 11am – Thursday’s 12pm. *Employees only.
  • Bronson: At the Skycourt Cafe. Thursday | 2pm – 6pm. *Employees only.

Don’t see a pick up location close to you?  You can also enjoy local produce with our farmstand CSA with pick up at our farmers market locations.  Find out more HERE.




What is included?

Produce boxes include a variety of in-season produce, 8 – 10 different items each week.  Download our produce calendar to see what we expect to have available.  Members will receive a weekly newsletter with updates from the farm and have access to our CSA facebook group.



Spring Program Dates & Pricing:

Produce Shares

The produce shares are picked up every week for 7 weeks.

The week of April 15 – the week of May 27, 2019 –  $126

Egg Shares

Egg Shares include 1 dozen eggs each week. Egg shares are available at the farm & Bronson.

  • The week of April 15 – May 27, 2019 – $21

Beef Shares

Beef shares include 7lbs of various cuts of beef each month. Here are the dates: April 24 and May 22.  The cost is $70 for the 2 pick-ups. Meat shares are available at the farm.

Pork Shares

Pork shares include 7lbs of various cuts of pork each month. Pick up dates are: April 24 and May 22.  Cost is $60 for the 2 pick-ups. Meat Shares are available at the farm.

Chicken Shares

Chicken shares include 6lbs of meat in a variety of cuts each month. The pick up dates are: April 24 and May 22.  Cost for the 2 deliveries is $40. Meat shares are available at the farm.

Wondering what could be included in the boxes?

Here are some examples:

Produce Shares:

  • 1lb asparagus, 1 head of lettuce, 1/2lb spinach, 2lb carrots, 1 bunch green onions, 1 bunch radishes, 1lb potatoes.
  • 2 heads of lettuce, 5 gala apples, 2lb carrots, 2lb parsnips, 1 yellow onion, 1 bunch chard.
  • 1 bunch of rhubarb, 1lb asparagus, 1 tomato, 2lb carrots, 1 head of lettuce, 1 bunch radishes, 1 bunch green onions.

Beef Shares:

  • 2lb ground beef, 1 roast, 1 1/2lb steaks
  • 2lb ground beef, 1 package burgers, 1lb stew meat, 1lb fajita strips, 1lb steaks.

Pork Shares:

  • 1lb ground sausage, 1lb bacon, 4 pork chops, 1lb brats.
  • 1 pork roast, 1lb sausage links, 2 pork steaks, 1lb brats.

Chicken Shares:

  • 1 whole bird, 2 packages thighs.
  • 1 whole cut up, 1 package thighs, 1 package leg quarters.

More questions?  Check out our FAQ Page.

You can also email lindsey@crispcountryacres.com or call (616) 795-2571.