I saw a post on facebook earlier this week that said “It literally feels like we are on January 74.” 😂

How true is that?! These dark days of January have been dragging on.  Looking forward to some summer sunshine.

Things are a bit slower here in January and I work ahead on summer projects and also projects around the house.

One of the projects was sorting pictures.  I found a few pictures from the farm long ago.  I LOVE looking at these old pictures!

It gives us an idea of another time.  I enjoy taking a look at the past to see where we have come from.

So, enjoy a few pictures and learn a bit of where the farm has come from and the history of your food!

In the 1850’s our family settled on the farm in Crisp, Michigan.  A small town north of Holland.

When deciding on a name for our vegetable farm we wanted to incorporate our family’s history of farming and so, Crisp Country Acres was born.

The big wooden barn that you see now was built in 1899!  Check out the top of the barn next time you are at the farm and you can see the date carved into the barn.

Check out the house picture below.  Can you see the similarities to the house now?  They added on to the house, but you can still see some of the original house. So cool!

The family has raised a huge variety of crops on this land since the 1850’s.  Hay, soybeans, wheat, corn, pickles for the Heinz pickle factory, cattle, hogs and dairy cows.  We have now settled on vegetables.

We welcome you to join us on this farming journey!

Follow along, watch your food grow.

Taste the difference of a carrot pulled fresh from the ground.  A tomato, picked at the peak of freshness, right off the vine.  Make a salad with a head of lettuce harvested just the day before.

Support a local farm and feel good about what you are feeding to your family.

Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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