That’s right!

We are opening up the u-pick field TODAY! 

Here’s how it works:

1. When you arrive at the farm please check in at the farm market.  We will get you boxes to pick into.
2. Follow the path out behind the farm.  Watch for the signs.
3. When you arrive to the field, park in the lot to the north and walk to the strawberry field.
4. After you are done picking head back to the farm market to pay.

Strawberries are $3.25/lb for u-pick.

Farm address is 5888 120th Ave, Holland, MI 49424.

U-pick hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm & Saturday, 8am – 5pm.  Please double check the facebook page before coming out.  We will post if we have to close the field early.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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