Where does your food come from?

Take a photo tour around the farm and see where your food is growing!

Picking sweet corn!  Our corn is picked by hand.  It has been delicious this summer!


Cutting lettuce in the field.  We grow 3 kinds – Green Leaf, Red Leaf & Romaine.


Beautiful field of fall squash!  We will start to harvest fall squash in the next month.


Harvesting broccoli.  It has been a great summer for broccoli.  If the weather cooperates, we should be harvesting broccoli until Christmas!


Potato field full of blossoms!  Potatoes are one of our favorite things to grow.  We raise 7 kinds – Red Skin, Russet, Yukon Gold, Fingerling, Butterball, White & Blue.


The bell peppers are turning color now.  I think this is the prettiest one I have found so far!


Harvesting candy onions.  They are big and beautiful this season!


The weeding crew!  Does not matter the weather, the weeds just keep on growing!  This crew works hard to keep the fields weed free.


It’s tomato season! Wagon loads of tomatoes come out of the fields this time of year.


It has overall been a dry summer and we have had to do lots of irrigating.  Here the traveler is giving a potato field a good drink.  After the rain we got the past few days we think it is safe to put the traveler away for the season.


Here the harvest crew is picking zucchini and summer squash.  Zucchini, summer squash, pickles and cucumbers are picked first thing in the morning Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Brussel Sprout field.   These are one of the more unusual looking plants!  We will start to harvest brussel sprouts very soon!


Carrots are another one of our favorites to grow!



Alright friends, that’s all for now!  Thank you so much for coming along on the tour with us.

See you soon!





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