Is your freezer looking empty?  Fill it up with our locally raised meats!  Check out this month’s specials:

Large Beef Bundle – $100

The beef bundle includes 8lbs of ground beef, 3lb burgers, 2lbs of stew meat, 2lb fajita strips & 1 roast.  The cost is    $100.00.

Large Pork Bundle – $100

The pork bundle includes 2 packs of pork chops, 4 pork steaks, 2lbs brats, 2lb ground pork, 3lb bacon, 2lb sausage links and a shoulder roast.

Small Beef Bundle – $50

This bundle includes 3lbs ground beef, 2lb burger patties, 1lb stew meat and 1 roast.

Small Pork Bundle$50

This bundle includes 2 packs of pork chops, 1lb bacon, 1lb ground pork, 1 pack sausage links, 1 pack brats and 3 pork steaks.

Call/text Lindsey at (616) 795-2571 or email to order.

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