Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Customers join the farm by purchasing a CSA share.  The farm then provides members with fresh produce.


What is a “Share”?

A share is the box of produce that you receive.


Which size share should I choose? 

The choice between monthly, every other week and a weekly share depends on the customer’s preferences, budget, lifestyle, and cooking habits. Some factors to consider are:

  • How often do you cook at home and how much produce do you use?
  • How much storage space do you have for your CSA share and how long can you keep it fresh?
  • How adventurous are you with trying new and unfamiliar vegetables and fruits?
  • How flexible are you with planning your meals around what’s in season and available from the farm?


How do I sign up with Harvie?

If you need help signing up with Harvie, watch the video tutorial to see the process of signing up and setting your initial preferences.


How does the payment work?

You pay as you go! When signing up you will pay for the first week.  The second week and each week after, your card will automatically be charged when you are scheduled to receive a box. 

Rather pay for the program up front and not be charged each week?  Email to pay off your balance.

How do preferences work?

Your box is packed according to your preferences!  To learn more about how to set up your preferences and how they work read HERE.


How to swap items to customize your box:

Typically love carrots, but don’t need any this week?  No problem!  Find out how to swap items HERE.


What if I am going to be gone a week?

Log into your Harvie account and place your share on hold.  You will not be charged for any weeks that your share is on hold.


What produce is in season?

Find out what we plan to have available and the months we expect it to be ready with this produce calendar.  Please note that it is subject to change with weather and field conditions.


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