Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Customers join the farm by purchasing a CSA share.  The farm then provides members with fresh produce. 


What is a “Share”?

A share is the box of produce that you receive.


How do I sign up with Harvie?

If you need help signing up with Harvie, watch the video tutorial to see the process of signing up and setting your initial preferences.


How does the payment plan work?

  • At the time of sign up, member will pay 25% of the invoice total.
  • The first week of deliveries, member will pay an additional 25% of the invoice total + the remaining 50% balance on the first delivery box amount.
  • For the rest of the season the member will pay the remaining 50% due for each delivery’s share(s)

For example, if the individual share price is $15/each and a member has 20 deliveries, the invoice total would be $300 and the member would pay:

  1. AT SIGN UP – $75 (25%)
  2. FIRST DELIVERY – $75 (25%) + $7.50 (50% of the individual share amount)
  3. AT EACH DELIVERY – $7.50 per delivery at each of the remaining 19 deliveries

Total Paid = $300

This will be charged to the card on file. 

How do preferences work?

To learn more about how to set up your preferences and how they work read HERE.

How to swap items to customize your box:

Find out how to swap items HERE.


What if I am going to be gone a week?

You can reschedule shares in your Harvie Member profile.  Learn how HERE.


What produce is in season?

Find out what we plan to have available and the months we expect it to be ready with this produce calendar.  Please note that it is subject to change with weather and field conditions.


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