Frequently Asked Questions

Q? What happens if I forget to pick up my box?

A. Traditional CSA Boxes – You are responsible to pick up your boxes on the correct day & time.  Boxes will not be held or replaced if you do not pick up.

Farm Stand Style CSA Boxes – It is no problem if you are not able to come each week, no credit will be lost.

Q? What happens when we will be gone a week and are unable to pick up our box?

A. Traditional CSA Program – Please let us know the week before you will be gone and you can get a double box another week of your choice during the current program. You can also have someone else pick up your box. Please make sure that they mention your name when they come to pick up.  If no prior arrangement is made the produce will be donated for that week.

Farm Stand Style CSA Program – You do not need to let us know when you will be gone. If you miss a week that is no problem, no credit will be lost.

Q? Is work required by the shareholders?

A. We do not require our shareholders to do any work on the farm.

Q? What are your growing practices?

A. At Crisp Country Acres we use sustainable farming practices. We focus on keeping the plants healthy and building the soil nutrition. By doing this, it will naturally help the plants repel pests and diseases. Healthy plants produce higher quality, tastier and more nutritious fruit. We do, occasionally, need to use intervention in the event of a bad infestation or disease is threatening the entire crop. We do our best to keep this to a minimum. We use natural, organic based fertilizers when possible. We practice crop rotation and use cover crops to help build organic matter in the soil. Water conservation is also very important to us. We use vegetable washers that recycle the water and use significantly less water than a typical vegetable washer. We use drip irrigation whenever possible. Drip irrigation only puts water in the plants root zone. By using drip we do not waste water by irrigating the paths and driveways. Mulch is also used around the plants to hold down weeds and keep the water from evaporating in the hot sun. We are currently working on becoming GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified. We do our best to provide a healthy, nutritious and quality product for you and your family to enjoy!

Q? Do I need to bring anything along to the pickup?

A. Farm Members please take a bag to put your produce in each week.  If you pick up a Tradional box at Bronson or Gentex your produce will come in a box that you can take home.

Q? What will be included in the newsletter and when does it come out?

A. The newsletter will be emailed to CSA members on Monday’s. The newsletter will include what we plan to have in the traditional CSA boxes and recipe ideas using the produce included that week.

Please make sure to add to your email contacts so that you receive the emails. If the email address is not in your contact list the email may be sent to your spam box.

Q? Will I know ahead of time what is going to be in our box?

A. Yes, you can join the farm CSA facebook group. The list will be posted on Saturday night.  What is included will also be listed in the newsletter that is emailed out on Monday nights. **Please note what is included in the boxes may change due to weather and field conditions.

Q? Is someone else allowed to pick up my box?

A. Yes, just make sure they tell us your name when they come to pick it up. You do not need to contact us if someone else will be picking up your box.

Q? Is it ok for us to share a box?

A. Traditional CSA boxes – You can share, but you are responsible for splitting the box between the two of you.

Farm Stand Style CSA –  We don’t recommend spliting a share for the farm stand style CSA.

If you have other questions please feel free to ask. You can email or call Mitch at (616) 218-5760

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