Just a reminder about our free veggie day happening THIS Friday!

Here are all the details:

  • Address:  5888 120th Ave, Holland, MI 49424.
  • Date:  January 5, 2024.
  • Time: 10am – 6pm.
  • We will be giving away squash & potatoes.
  • If you are able, we will be accepting donations for the Holland Gateway Mission.

Bring a bag and a friend!

Why are we giving the veggies away for free?

We saw a video from a farmer in Canada working to fight food waste and be a blessing to the community.  He was giving his “ugly” second potatoes away for free.

We have often talked about this… how can we convince people that food’s value is not determined by its appearance. It is equally nutritious and delicious regardless of its size or shape.

So, we are doing a free veggie day!

Our goal is to be a blessing to the community and show people how delicious local food is, even if it’s not perfect.

Let’s get the year off to a great start!

PS – The farmers markets WILL be open this Saturday, January 6.  HERE is where you can find us.

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