Winter is here.

Gone are the days of fresh green beans and sweet corn.

So, the question is…

I want to eat local, but what do you have available in the winter?  Greens, apples, brussel sprouts, cabbage and ROOT VEGGIES!

Root veggies are full of flavor and nutrients.  They store well and are just plain delicious!

Are you ready to give the root veggies a try?  First, let start out with what they all are:

What do they taste like? 

Beets:  We grow 2 kinds – Gold and Red.  Gold beets are the most mild beet that we grow.  They do not have a strong earthy flavor and are great for a person who does not like red beets.  Never tried beets before?  I always recommend you start out with the gold beets.  Red beets are your traditional earthy beet flavor.

Rutabaga: Rutabaga is a creamy color on the bottom with a purple top.  They are more milder in taste than a turnip, often substituted for potato when mashing.

Turnips: Turnips are very white on the bottom with a purple top.  They taste like a cabbage/radish cross.

Parsnip:  They look like a white carrot, but have a thicker skin.  They are sweeter than a carrot when cooked.  I would not recommend eating parsnips raw.

Radish:  These come in lots of colors & varieties.  They have a spicy, peppery flavor.  I highly recommend giving the watermelon radishes a try.  They look plain on the outside, but inside they are full of color!

Celery Root:  This odd looking veggie does get the attention it deserves!  It tastes just like celery.  Great to be eaten raw, added to salads, roasted or for soups.

Carrot:  Carrots come in all colors.  Our carrots are super sweet and delicious raw or cooked.

Potatoes: We grow a potato for every dish!  Red skin, russet, white, purple, butterball, yukon gold, fingerling & sweet.  All different flavors, all delicious!

Onions: Available in red or yellow.  Onions are a great addition to many meals!

How to I store them?

Keep your root veggies for weeks in a bag or container in the fridge.

What do I do with them?

The first thing I always recommend to do is roast them.  Roasted veggies can bring out completely different flavors, often making the sweeter.  Here is how we recommend to roast them.

Need more ideas?  Check out the recipe section on our website for more recipes.  The recipes are organized by the crop along the right hand side.  Find the veggie you are looking for and click on it for more ideas.

Along with the root veggies we also have greens, brussel sprouts, potatoes, fall squash, onions, apples, eggs, meats and more available so you definitely won’t be going hungry this winter.

What is your favorite root veggie?  Let us know below!

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