How is your shopping going?

Do you have a few of those people left? You know, the hard to shop for people.  They have everything or you just don’t know what they would like?

We can help!

Here are a few suggestions we have for those hard to shop friends & family:

I am doing something similar to this for the kids teachers.  Yummy tortilla chips, salsa and a couple of sodas.

Plan a movie night and give them this basket!  Kettle corn or kettle chips with sodas for everyone.

Fill a basket with a bunch of delicious local products!  Go with drinks like tea & coffee.  Then add some local treats like granola, cinnamon rolls or a Bakewell brownie.

Do a basket filled with local meats!  Sausage, bacon, pork chops or some delicious steaks. Add in a jar of BBQ sauce.

Got some kids on your Christmas list?  Check out these handmade wooden toys!  Great quality and a unique gift.  My son is getting the toy truck. 🙂

We have a variety of gift baskets all ready put together at the farm store.  Or feel free to stop by and pick out some items and have Kathy put it together for you.  She makes an awesome veggie gift basket too!

Gift cards are also available.  Order online and we will mail the card to you.

Alright, that’s all for now.  Have fun with your shopping.   Enjoy this holiday season!

– Lindsey

PS – All of these great gift ideas are at our farm store.  Here is the address, hours and everything you need to know about the farm store!

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