Get to Know Your Farm

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People have become disconnected from their food.

They don’t know where their food is coming from and this can leave them feeling unsure about what is safe to feed their families.

People don’t know what real food tastes like.

They don’t know how sweet carrots can taste or how juicy a tomato is suppose to be.

That is why we are here.

We want to provide you with high quality good tasting food that you feel good about taking home to your family.

We want to you to get to know your farmer and know who feeds you. 

Together our family farms about 130 acres of produce. We have greenhouses and a large cold storage that helps us to extend our season and have fresh produce available year round.

You can find our produce at local farmers markets, several area restaurants and our year round CSA program. We have a farm stand open at the farm year round.

Farming is not just a job to us but our way of life and our passion. We enjoy planting the crops, watching them grow, harvesting and then bringing them to our customers for their families to enjoy.

Thank you for supporting our farm and family!

~Doug, Mari, Mitch, Lindsey, Ellie, Ben, Jon, Mary-Jo & Nathan