Get to Know Your Farm

Continuing the farming tradition since 1858

The love and tradition of farming runs deep in our family roots. The farm on 120th Ave has been in Mari’s family since 1858. Bartel VanderZwaag settled in Crisp, Michigan after immigrating from the Netherlands in 1855. With a lot of hard work he and his family built a house and a barn and began their dream of farming. The house that stands on the farm now has gone thru many changes, but is the original home built in 1858. The original barn burned and was replaced in 1899 with the barn that is standing on the farm today. The farm was named Crisp Country Acres because the town where Bartel VanderZwaag settled in 1858 was called Crisp and we thought it would be a neat way to incorporate our history of farming into the name.


Together our family farms about 120 acres of produce. We have greenhouses and a large cold storage that helps us to extend our season and have fresh produce available year round. You can find our produce at local farmers markets, several area restaurants and our year round CSA program. We have a farm stand and online farm stand open at the farm year round.

Farming is not just a job to us but our way of life and our passion. We enjoy planting the crops, watching them grow, harvesting and then bringing them to our customers for their families to enjoy. Our dream of farming is as true today as it was back when our family immigrated here in the 1800’s . Farming is a tradition that seems to be getting lost as time goes on and it is our hope that we can preserve the love of farming and hard work for our children and their families. We absolutely could not do this without the support of our amazing crew, family, friends and customers.

Thank you for supporting our farm and family!

~Doug, Mari, Mitch, Lindsey, Ellie, Ben, Jon, Mary-Jo & Nathan